Automated Identification


VITEK® MS provides ultra- rapid microbial identification in a few easy steps.  Directly deposit the microorganism on the target slide, add the ready-to-use matrix solution and insert slide into the VITEK® MS system. Identification results are displayed within minutes.

Security and traceability:
Not only is VITEK® MS 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant, but the VITEK® MS includes the VITEK® MS Prep Station, which securely links specimen information with each spot on the target slide. Unique barcodes on the plated media and the VITEK® MS target slides offer complete workflow traceability.

The VITEK® MS database, which contains a large number of specific microorganisms for the pharmaceutical industry, was developed from multiple regions, countries, sources and environments. In addition, our proprietary algorithm vastly increases the accuracy of identification.

VITEK® MS can be integrated into quality control laboratories with either centralized or decentralized workflows by utilizing its unique VITEK® MS Prep Station. This flexibility allows multiple users to work in parallel by preparing their own target slides with the capability to identify up to 192 isolates per run.

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique for determining the elemental composition of a sample. The MS principle consists of ionizing chemical compounds to generate charged molecules and to measure their mass-to-charge ratio. Such molecular “signatures” can be used for rapid bacterial identification (ID) from isolated colonies. The use of mass spectrometry for bacterial ID is especially suitable and cost-efficient for laboratories with high volumes of samples.

MALDI-TOF technology (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) used by VITEK® MS examines the patterns of proteins detected directly from intact bacteria. The sample to be analyzed is mixed with another compound, called a matrix. The mixture is applied to a metal plate and irradiated with a laser. The matrix absorbs the laser light and vaporizes, along with the sample, in the process gaining an electrical charge (ionization). Electric fields then guide the ions into the time of flight mass spectrometer, which separates them according to their mass to charge (m/z) ratio, and ultimately the quantity of each ion is measured. Detection is achieved at the end of the flight tube.

VITEK® 2 Compact

The VITEK® 2 Compact system answers QC laboratory testing needs for fast and accurate microbial identification. The innovative VITEK® 2 technology includes an expanded identification database, the most automated platform available, rapid results, improved confidence, with minimal training time.

The VITEK® 2 Compact next-generation platform provides greater automation while increasing user-safety and eliminating repetitive manual operations. The rapid response time means results can be provided more quickly than with manual techniques.

VITEK® 2 Compact offers:

  • Intuitive software
  • User interface screen for immediate notification of system status to increase productivity.
  • Unique vacuum filler provides both safety and the highest level of automation.
  • New reader eliminates many manual steps:
  • An automated internal barcode scanner provides a validation of what the user has entered into the software
  • An automated loading mechanism eliminates manual steps, therefore increasing efficiency
  • Reads every 15 minutes for greater speed in identification
  • Automatically prints the results when available, if configured to do so, providing added flexibility.
  • Designed for simple temperature verification.
  • Completed tests are automatically ejected into an ergonomic trash container.
  • Networking capabilities are available

VITEK® 2 technology uses Advanced Colorimetry™, an identification technology that enables identification of routine isolates. Advanced Colorimetry provides:

  • High discrimination between species
  • Low rate of multiple choice and misidentified species
  • Minimal number of off-line tests

Two instrument sizes adapted to your laboratory volume:

  • VITEK® 2 Compact 60
  • VITEK® 2 Compact 30

Manual Identification:


API® is the well-established method for manual microorganism identification to the species-level identification of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and yeast. The system offers a large and robust database now accessible through the Internet-based APIweb® service.

Features and Benefits

  • API® strips give accurate identifications based on extensive databases and are standardized, easy-to-use test systems. The kits include strips that contain up to 20 miniature biochemical tests. All are quick, safe and easy to perform.

  • Economical to run and user-friendly, API® strips have a long shelf life, enabling every laboratory to keep the test kits on hand.

  • APIweb® is a software product containing all of the API® databases for a reliable automated interpretation of API® strip results – when used on any compatible PC workstation.

  • APIweb® is rapid and easy to use – key in the biochemical or numerical profile of the strip to obtain the organism identification. The software provides a detailed report that is displayed on the screen and can be printed.
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