Release Products Quickly

The Just-in-Time nature of today’s business environment has made lean manufacturing a necessity.  Customers demand instant gratification and expect high-quality products at the lowest price.

Visibility gained from fast and reliable QC results provides greater control of your process and shortened production cycles.  This allows for lean inventory management, reduction of working capital and agility to effectively address changes in customer demand or adverse events.

bioMérieux can help maximize your efficiency and get your products to market faster  without compromising safety.

CHEMUNEX® D-Count for rapid microbial detection

For more than 20 years, global and boutique organizations alike have relied on CHEMUNEX® technology to get their products to market faster. 

Performance Solutions
for an efficient, empowered, leaner lab

Our consultants will assess your laboratory process to reduce laboratory bottlenecks that can stall the production process.

VITEK® MS, VITEK® 2 Compact and API
®  quick, simple and robust microbial identification

Our range of microbial identification products will provide you with actionable results you can rely on.


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