Performance Solutions

With today’s increasing pressure to deliver rapid and reliable results, you need to find ways to achieve more with fewer resources.

Streamline Processes

  • Increase lab efficiency
  • Decrease unnecessary tasks and redundant processes

Increase Productivity

  • Manage growing workloads
  • Build flexibility

Reduce Cost

  • Help control lab expenditure
  • Increase lab operation profitability

Enhance Human Resource Managements

  • Eliminate unnecessary actions
  • Improve functional design of workstation

Based on a powerful combination of internationally recognized improvement techniques (Lean Management, Six Sigma, Kaizen Event…) and bioMérieux’s expertise in Food Microbiology, we can help you optimize your organization and improve your efficiency.

The Workflow Optimization Solution


  • Establish processes according to your lab’s unique specifications
  • Estimate potenetial gains

Lab Performance Assessment from 3 to 5 Days

  • Evaluate Workload, resources and space utilization
  • Analyze bottlenecks in laboratory workflow
  • Propose recommendations, new layout and road map tailored to your lab

Implementation Follow-Up

  • Implement layout effectiveness and workstation design
  • Reach the productivity gains expected

Kaizen Event from 1 to 3 Days

  • Enhance lab performance by applying continuous improvement tools and involving lab staff
  • Sustain and optimize working conditions
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