Improve Laboratory Efficiency

Inefficiencies in the microbiology lab can cost you not only additional labor and material expense but can slow down your entire manufacturing process.   

With options ranging from a complete workflow optimization to simple equipment to automate routine  laboratory tasks, our team of consultants will help you get the most from your lab.

centralized environmental parameter monitoring

Simultaneously monitor environmental parameters in critical areas of your facility such as refrigerators, freezers, incubators, autoclaves and storage rooms from a single screen.

DILUMAT® Expert automated gravimetric diluter

Ensures correct sample dilution and avoids the risk of errors.

automated culture media preparators

Drawing upon over 30 years' experience in the manufacturing of culture media preparators, we are pleased to offer the fifth generation of leading automated media preparation equipment.

APS One™ automated petri dish filling

Automated pouring and stacking system developed specifically for the microbiology laboratory resulting from over 30 years of experience in manufacturing ready-to-use culture media.

EC 2™ rapid and accurate automated colony counting

Get standardized colony count results in less than one second per plate.

Performance Solutions
for an efficient, empowered, leaner lab

Our consultants will assess your laboratory process to reduce laboratory bottlenecks that can stall the production process.

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