AirIDEAL® 3P™, QuantiSwab® and LockSure®

bioMérieux provides a broad range of products to help reduce your risk and secure your environment through routine sampling for bacteria, yeasts and molds.  

QuantiSwab™ offers confidence in contaminant recovery through its nylon flocked technology while our range of plated media with unique LockSure™ and  FIX SYSTEM™ configurations  help reduce accidental contamination after sampling is complete.

Our lightweight and easy-to-use air IDEAL® together with our plated culture media will help you determine if your facility’s air quality is below the required action level so you can compound with confidence


Its revolutionary design has been engineered to provide maximum security after collecting samples in critical areas. With a simple twist of the lid, the plate securely locks, thereby preventing accidental openings during handling and transport.

  • Available in both settle plates and contact plates
  • Prevents contamination caused by accidental opening and provides additional security during the sampling process
  • No need for unnecessary and risky plastic or adhesive wrapping to ensure the lid stays closed
  • Lid remains securely attached to the base assuring the integrity of the samples and the performance of the media


  • Safety - Prevents contamination caused by accidental opening of plates during the sampling process
  • Stability - Patented controlled-fit lid design ensures the lid will not come loose during normal use
  • Ease of Use - Easy to open lid requires no additional manipulation and no change to your testing methodology


QuantiSwab™ is an irradiated, triple-wrapped environmental swab utilizing nylon-flocked technology; allowing up to 60% recovery of microorganisms from surfaces compared to a recovery rate of 20% for traditional swabs. The QuantiSwab has also demonstrated a 90% release capacity of microorganisms captured by the swab.

The patented flocking technology projects nylon microfibers onto the shaft of the swab, allowing exceptional hydraulic capillary actions, whereas the design of traditional swabs creates a matrix-like environment in which microorganisms can become trapped, thus making them difficult to release.

The QuantiSwab is easy to use and specifically designed for controlled environments to get a quantitative indication of environmental surface contamination.

air IDEAL® 3P™ Traceability

Using the well-established impaction method originally devised in the Andersen sampler, Air IDEAL gently draws air through a validated grid and deposits any viable microorganisms onto an agar plate to facilitate detection.

Air IDEAL maintains the quality and robustness of the sample through our proven efficiency in both the physical collection of particles, and the biological recovery of sensitive strains following the ISO 14698 standard.

The sampler is lightweight and easy to use - with an ergonomic, streamlined design facilitating both air flow during sampling and the cleaning process. Decontamination is hassle-free, with a simple and efficient process to decontaminate the air circuit.

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