Protect Customers

Your image is just as important to your customers as their own.  Building and maintaining your image is a constant effort which requires both delivering the latest trends and keeping your customers safe from microbial contamination.  

bioMérieux helps you protect your customers by providing automated and objective microbial screening results in as little as 24 hours.  We also offer a full complement of innovative methods for traditional microbiology testing.

CHEMUNEX® Rapid Microbiology Analyzers automated rapid microbial detection and enumeration

For more than 20 years, global and boutique organizations alike have relied on CHEMUNEX technology to get their products to market faster.

Culture Media
detection and enumeration of specified microorganisms

bioMérieux offers a wide range of prepared culture media products for product safety to meet your cosmetic microbiology needs.

  simple and precise quantitative Quality Control

This small water soluble ball contains a precise number of micro-organisms delivering unprecedented accuracy for Preservative Efficacy Testing, method validation and growth promotion of culture media.

AirIDEAL® 3P™ Traceability, QuantiSwab® and LockSure®
air, surface and personnel monitoring

A strong EM program helps you see, measure and control risk. Our innovative solutions will give you confidence in the safety of controlled areas.

VITEK® MS, VITEK® 2 Compact and API®  quick, simple and robust microbial identification

Our range of microbial identification products will provide you with actionable results you can rely on.

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