CHEMUNEX® Rapid Microbiology Analyzers

Benefits for the Lab and Production

Cosmetics and personal care companies worldwide have relied on CHEMUNEX technology to deliver safe, high-quality products to their customers for more than 20 years. These companies know they are not only releasing a safe product but also enjoying the financial benefits of ultra-rapid microbial testing - gaining efficiencies on both the production floor and in the laboratory.

Quick turnaround time from QC shortens production cycles by reducing final product quarantine times. Fast QC also empowers production with knowledge from in-process testing so products found to be out of specification can be rejected prior to final filling. If deviations are found, CHEMUNEX helps pinpoint root cause so swift corrective action can be taken to recover from contamination events. The collective time savings allows manufacturers to run leaner through stock optimization and production agility. 

Proven Versatility Green Bottle

  • Compatible with vegetable-based / organic matrices
  • Detects viable bacteria, yeasts and molds
  • Effective for organisms that are environmentally stressed, nutrient-depleted or in presence of preservatives
  • Objective Yes/No results in 24 hours (50 hours for molds)
  • Full validation support available

Test Process Water and Finished Products on the Same Platform

Total Viable Count (TVC) - Bacteria and Yeast

  • Sensitivity: 1 organism/gram of product
  • Product release time: 24-hours
  • Applications: Syrups, ointments, tablets, powders

Yeasts and Molds

  • Sensitivity: 10 organisms/gram of product
  • Product release time: 50-hours
  • Applications: Syrups, ointments, tablets, powders

Direct Count (Enumeration) 

  • Sensitivity: 50 organisms/mL (5 organisms/ml with filtration)
  • Product release time: 20 minutes
  • Applications: Process water

Three Levels of Automation to Fit Your Needs



  • Fully-automated flow cytometer
  • Automated high-throughput analysis
  • 50 tests / hour


BactiFlow® ALS

  • Fully-automated flow cytometer
  • 25 tests / hour

CHEMUNEX Bactiflow

  • Semi-automated flow cytometer
  • 15 tests / hour

The D-Count® and BactiFlow® ALS systems combine fully-automated fluorescent viable cell labeling and digital flow cytometry into powerful systems that detect and count individual cells without the need for cell growth.

CHEMUNEX for Cosmetic and Personal Care Products

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Release your products faster

  • Reduce quarantine time
  • Optimize safety stock levels
  • Reduce warehousing expense
  • Respond quickly to changes in demand

Virtually eliminate product loss due to out of spec process water

  • Screen incoming raw materials in minutes

React quickly to adverse events

  • Rapid confirmation of corrective action effectiveness
  • Minimized production disruption

Protect the integrity of your product's good name

  • Objective, robust methodology ensures certainty of results


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